Who we are

We are a team of various domain expertise, trying to bring AI in a common platform.

Mohendra Roy
Expertise: Machine learning, BioPhotonics 
Chief Advisor  
Email: mohendra@aimedicines.com

Nitul Kakati
Expertise: Energy conversion and storage
Scientific advisor
Current Position: Asst. prof. at GACHON UNIVERSITY, South Korea. 
Email: kakati.nitul@aimedicines.com

Sok Chhorn
Expertise: Mobile Computing(LTE), Algorithm. 
Business advisor
Current Position: Director of Camko Tech, South Korea.
Email: chhorn167@gmail.com

Durlav Sonowal
Expertise: Neural Network, Embedded System Design. 
Academic Advisor 
Current Position: Asst. Prof. of Dept. of ECE, Tezpur University, India.
Email: dsn@tezu.ernet.in

Suman Dutta
Expertise: Application Development. 
Mentor and advisor
Current Position: Senior Software Engineer, Intuit Inc.
Email: suman.dutta05@gmail.comĀ 

Yeonghun Chae
Expertise: Machine Learning, Classification
Mentor and advisor
Current Position: Researcher at KISTI, South Korea.
Email: proin@kisti.re.kr